Hayter Harrier 41 PRO AD

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41cm (16 inch) cutting width.
Ground speed 3.0mph. Hand/Arm Vibration (HAV) 4.5m/s

Engine: Honda GCVX145 with auto-choke.


A ground-up re-development of the original Harrier® PRO rear roller lawnmowers has resulted in 90% NEW components being designed and engineered. The culmination is a professional lawnmower range that delivers even greater day-in day-out commercial-strength performance and reliability, demanded by the very best professional gardeners and landscapers.

Aluminium cutter decks for incredible strength and corrosion resistance. High strength and durability to low weight ratio.

Maximum collection performance is achieved with a highly unique deck underside and blade profile designed using aerospace technology.

Vari-Pitch™ cutting technology automatically adjusts the pitch angle of the cutter deck to increase airflow when height set to cut longer grass (patent pending).

Easy-wash hose connector port offers a convenient and easy way to clean the cutting chamber, ensuring optimum performance.

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Hayter Harrier 41 PRO AD

The Hayter Harrier 41 PRO AD is an innovative lawnmower that will have your lawn neatly manicured in no time at all. Designed & engineered in Britain, the Harrier 41 PRO is one of the best from the professional rear-roller lawn mower range from Hayter. Whether you are a professional landscaper or just want the best mower you can get your hands on, the Hayter Harrier 41 PRO AD is perfect for you.

Delivering day-in, day-out commercial strength performance and reliability, the Harrier 41 PRO will help you mow the lawn at record speed. With its auto-drive engine and steel rear roller, creating a ‘Hayter Stripe’ finish to your lawn is completely effortless. Easy mowing with great results.


Features You Will Love

With a whole host of innovative features, the Hayter Harrier 41 PRO AD is a lawnmower in a league of its own. Complete with an auto-drive engine, this professional mower makes light work of any landscaping job. If you are serious about gardening, the Harrier 41 PRO should be part of your workforce.


Vari-Pitch™ Technology

Let’s start with the aluminium cutting decks. Providing incredible strength and corrosion resistance, the Harrier 41 PRO glides seamlessly through any length of grass. With the added benefit of Vari-Pitch™ technology, the cutter deck is automatically adjusted to increase airflow when set to cut longer grass. So no more faffing around with adjusting levers, the Harrier 41 PRO will automatically take care of this for you.


Astonishing Cutting Performance

The two-piece steel ribbed rear rollers provide ultimate traction control and manoeuvrability. Allowing you to create perfectly sharp stripes with no messy turf marking when turning the mower. The fixed speed auto-drive system provides ultimate productivity, and with seven different cutter heights to choose from the Harrier 41 PRO is perfect for any length lawn.


Cleverly Designed

You can tell a lot of thought has gone into engineering the Harrier 41 PRO. There is a front bumper to protect the deck and wheels, and a rear carry handles aid for easy lifting of the mower. This professional lawn mower is designed to last, with its corrosion-resistant cutter decks and its easy-wash hose connector port. Allowing easy cleaning of the cutting chamber, for optimum performance at all times.


Aerospace Technology

Another incredible feature of the Hayter Harrier 41 PRO AD is the way in which it collects the cut grass. With a unique deck underside and blade profile design, maximum grass collection is achieved. The large capacity grass bag stands on end when full, allowing for easy emptying. If you are looking for a petrol mower that makes easy work of any size lawn, the Harrier 41 PRO is the perfect choice for you.

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