STIHL KM94 RC-E KombiEngine

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Simple to start KombiEngine, designed for use in a wide range of applications. Compatible with all 12 attachments to give you great versatility. Perfect for everyday gardening tasks, property maintenance and tackling tougher jobs.


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STIHL KM94 RC-E KombiEngine

The STIHL KM94 RC-E KombiEngine is the perfect tool for large gardens and property maintenance. Simple to start, and with 12 compatible attachments, this is definitely a tool you need for your gardening jobs.

This Kombi Engine has ErgoStart technology, allowing you to easily power it up without a lot of hassle. A smooth, even pull on the starter grip will be enough to fire this machine up and get the engine started. ECOSPEED allows for simple adjustment of the engine speed via the hand control too, ideal for when you are shaping and pruning hedges.

Designed with both keen gardeners and professionals in mind, the KombiEngine will easily power all of the KombiTools within the STIHL range. Weighing just 4kg, this lightweight tool is nice and easy to move around, and with a 0.5L fuel tank, you won’t have to keep refuelling regularly.


Features you will love

The STIHL KM94 RC-E KombiEngine is any gardener’s perfect multi-functional tool. Simply change the attachment with a simple click and twist, then you are ready to move onto your next job.

Ergonomic loop handle

Designed with the user in mind, this KombiEngine features an ergonomic loop handle to make it easier to manoeuvre in tight spaces. Perfect for reaching those long bits of grass between the bushes.


Reduced-emission technology

Looking after the environment is important, which is why STIHL have created a 2-stroke engine with a stratified charge. By creating a fuel-free layer of air within the combustion chamber, less fuel is lost during the charge cycle.

So you gain more power and fuel consumption that is 20% lower than regular 2-stroke engines. Allowing you to carry on with your gardening work for longer before needing to refuel. Everyone is a winner!


Innovative starting motor

STIHL ErgoStart reduces the effort the machine needs to start by half, which also helps to make your life easier. All you do is set the choke, pump the fuel primer and pull the starter cord. The ignition is then always ready for starting as it activates again immediately. So no working yourself into a hot sweat as you pull the starter cord over and over again!

The STIHL KM94 RC-E KombiEngine even features a manual fuel pump to reduce the number of starting strokes needed (by about 40%). By repeatedly pressing the pump, fuel will flood into the machine faster and less is required to start the engine.


Anti-vibration design

Created with gardeners and professionals in mind, STIHL has developed an effective anti-vibration system to help reduce tension along the hands and arms. By dampening the oscillations from the machine’s engine, fewer vibrations are received by the user. Helping to significantly reduce fatigue and strain through the hands and arms.


Easy transport & storage

Featuring a quick-release coupling, the KombiSystem can be quickly split into two parts for transportation and storage. No tools are required to reassemble the machine either, making it a highly versatile addition to your workshop.


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Weight 5.8 kg
Dimensions 930 × 266 × 255 cm





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