STIHL KombiSystem 1m Shaft Extension

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KM Extension Shaft 1m

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STIHL KombiSystem 1m Shaft Extension

The STIHL KombiSystem range is one of the most powerful multi-tool systems available. Created with a carbon aluminium outer, this lightweight extension shaft weighs just 900g and will enable you to reach even further.

This STIHL KombiSystem 1m Shaft Extension works seamlessly with the KM-HL Hedge Trimmer and the KM-HT Pole Pruner to make light work of trimming those hedges and trees. Due to its lightweight construction, you will experience less fatigue in comparison to traditional shaft extensions. Allowing you to continue hedge cutting and pruning for even longer periods.

Tackling those tricky hard-to-reach branches has never been easier with the STIHL KombiSystem 1m Shaft Extension tool. Say goodbye to unnecessary straining, reaching and fighting with a stepladder and hello to effortless trimming and pruning.

  • Innovative, lightweight design
  • Suitable for use with any loop handled KombiEngine
  • Guard helps to protect against debris
  • Carbon inner shaft, aluminium outer


Why Choose STIHL?

STIHL are market leaders when it comes to revolutionary technology and innovation, and are the preferred choice for many gardeners and horticulture specialists worldwide. The multi-tool, KombiSystem concept was launched in 2000 and this unique splitting shaft allows a range of tools to be powered by one single-engine.

With over 80 years of engineering and dealers in over 160 countries, STIHL has become a well-recognised brand. Setting the standard for chainsaws and other garden power tools.

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