Stihl HT-KM Pole Prunner

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Lightweight, long reach pole pruner attachment for easy and convenient pruning, trimming and cutting back high branches. Compatible with extension shafts for longer reach.

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STIHL HT-KM Kombi Pole Pruner

The STIHL HT-KM Kombi Pole Pruner is the perfect solution to reach those high branches without the need for a stepladder. The lightweight design (0.7kg) means that you won’t struggle to hold the pole pruner for long periods of time too. Because of the 30cm (12 inch) auto oiling chainsaw cutting bar, you will make light work of cutting back those hard-to-reach branches. With a visible guideline present, this helps to assist with accurate trimming and pruning.


Versatile Tool

This fantastic time-saving KombiTool attachment is suitable for use with all loop handle Kombi Engines. If you require additional reach it is also compatible with the 1m Shaft Extension. The STIHL HT-KM chainsaw attachment makes pruning trees and shrubs a simple task that you will no longer dread.


Easy To Use

Complete with a side-access chain tensioner, you can easily adjust the chain to perfect your cutting technique. Make sure that you tighten up the tensioning screw until there is very little chain sag. This is because you want the drive link tangs to engage in the bar groove. Don’t forget to wear gloves and ensure the chain brake is deactivated before you attempt to adjust the chain tension.



The STIHL HT-KM Kombi Pole Pruner is a unique petrol-powered multi-tool system. IT is one of the best on the market for quality and price. The self-tuning technology ensures optimum engine performance time and time again. So you can rely on the STIHL range to produce the best results. The oil tank cap features a retainer to stop you from losing the cap within the shrubbery.


About the STIHL KombiSystem

The KombiSystem is simple and unique, allowing multiple attachments to be created with a single-engine unit. Not only does this help to save space, but it is a cost-effective way to have multiple machines in one. Reliable, long-lasting products which are manufactured with both gardeners and professional horticulturists in mind. Featuring quick-release couplings makes changing attachments within the KombiSystem range easy work.


Additional information

Weight 0.7 kg
Dimensions 910 × 160 × 135 cm





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