STIHL FS55 Brushcutter Autocut

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Petrol brushcutter for garden maintenance

The FS55 offers comfortable operation when mowing larger areas of grass. Features the efficient STIHL 2-MIX engine technology and an AutoCut mowing head. The bike handle design in conjunction with a harness allows for a smooth mowing action. With a lightweight engine & frame, this brushcutter reduces fatigue, making it comfortable for use over long periods of time. The multi-functional thumb controls mean your hands never need to leave the handle, and as a result, you have full control of the strimmer all the time you hold the handle. This is a high-performance tool perfect for mowing large areas of grass.

  • Cutting circle diameter – 420mm
  • Displacement – 27.2cm³
  • Net weight – 4.9kg
  • Tank volume – 0.33L
  • Total length without cutting tool – 170mm

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STIHL FS55 Brushcutter Autocut

Strimming large areas of grass is always a tough task, but with the STIHL FS55 Brushcutter Autocut its ergonomic design makes the job more comfortable. Featuring a bike handle design and an integrated harness, you can achieve that desirable smooth mowing action without straining your back. Combined with its lightweight engine & frame, the STIHL FS55 reduces fatigue meaning that you can strim your grass for hours on end.

The STIHL FS55 Brushcutter Autocut also has a multi-function control handle that can be operated by the user’s thumb. Meaning that the hand never has to leave the handle even when switching between speeds. Giving you full control of the strimmer at all times.


Reliable Motor

With its electronic ignition module, the STIHL FS55 Brushcutter Autocut will startup time and time again with no issues. To protect the strimmer against general damp and dirt the ignition system is fully encapsulated too. Designed for longevity.


Purger Fuel Pump

At the touch of the button, a small fuel pump delivers fuel manually to the carburettor. Thus reducing the number of starting strokes required when restarting the strimmer. So if you need to take a tea break halfway through strimming, you don’t have to worry about whether the STIHL FS55 will start up quickly again – you can be assured it will!

Extensive Range of Attachments

Depending on the type of finish you require, there is a wide range of mowing heads that can be used with the STIHL FS55 Brushcutter Autocut. Whether you require a low profile for more control and precise strimming or a more robust mowing head for a more professional finish, there are lots of options to choose from.

This high-performance strimmer has a net weight of 4.9kg which makes it nice and lightweight to handle and has a petrol tank volume of 0.33L. The perfect tool for mowing large areas of grass in those hard-to-reach areas.


Additional information

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 1960 × 260 × 270 cm





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