Stihl BGA200 Cordless Blower

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This is the most powerful cordless blower from STIHL. Quiet enough for professional use in urban, noise-sensitive areas. The handheld operation of this tool is perfect for use in narrow or awkward to reach places. Features a specially developed comfort carrying system which means that you can hook the tool onto a harness, so that you can work on large areas for extended periods. The BGA200 is a flexible 2-in-1 power tool as you can easily switch between hand-held and mounted mode. The curved shape of this blower ensures that there is no tipping or turning effect, reducing the strain on your wrist. The blower tube length can be easily adjusted at the press of a button, allowing it to adapt to different cleaning uses.

  • Rated voltage – 36V
  • Weight excluding battery – 3.2kg
  • Blowing force – 21N (in boost)Round nozzle

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Product Information


The Stihl BGA 200 has a powerful blowing force of 84 metres per second. That’s nearly 188mph! This is plenty of power for even professional use.


2-in-1 Working

You can use the BGA 200 in two ways;

Hand-held mode is ideal when working in tight or narrow spaces
Suspended mode uses Stihl’s comfort carrying systems which holsters the blower on the hip. This makes longer tasks much less tiring.

Second Handle

This is ideal when using alongside the comfort carrying system. It increases comfort if you need to change position while working.


Lock Mode

This lets you lock in your desired blowing speed with the press of a button. Perfect when used in conjunction with the comfort carrying system and the second handle. It makes the machine easy and comfortable to use over long periods of time.


Wrist Relief

The unique, curved shape of the BGA 200 means it won’t tip away while blowing. Even if you use it in boost mode, you won’t feel any forces through your wrist. This eliminates wrist discomfort.


Fast Blowpipe Adjustment

This Stihl leaf blower has a quick adjustment feature. You can reduce the length of the blowpipe in no time when using it it in tight or narrow areas. You can extend it again just as quickly and easily. The adds to the overall comfort of using the blower and makes for high efficiency cleaning.


Central Control Unit

You can adjust the power output depending on the task in hand. This ensures that you only use as much power as you need for any particular job. The LED display makes it clear which power setting you’re using.


Boost Function

The boost function gives you maximum blowing power, regardless of the power setting you’re using. By over pressing the switch lever, you can use the boost without having to change the hand position.


Hanging Loop

The hanging opening in the handle lets you hang the blower up when you’re not using it.

Additional information

Weight 5.2 kg
Dimensions 1132 × 209 × 378 cm
Weight kg


Working hours per battery charge with AR 2000 L, level 2 min 1)

up to 146

Level 1- working hours with AR 3000 L min 1)

up to 500

Working hours per battery charge with AR 2000 L, boost min 2)

up to 53

Working hours per battery charge with AR 2000 L min 1)

up to 315

Boost mode - working hours with AR 3000 L min 1)

up to 85

Level 3 - working hours with AR 3000 L min 1)

up to 117

Level 2 - working hours with AR 3000 L min 1)

up to 220

Working hours per battery charge with AR 2000 L, level 3 min 1)

up to 76

Cordless technology

AP System

Blowing force N 4)


Rated voltage V


Sound pressure level dB(A) 5)


Sound power level dB(A) 5)


Max. airspeed m/s


Max. Airflow m³/h 6)


Vibration value, right m/s2 7)


Battery life time AR 3000 min 1)

up to 376

Battery life time AR 2000 min 1)

up to 295

Working hours per battery charge with AR 2000, level 2 min 1)

up to 121

Battery run time with AP 300 min 8)

up to 78


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