Motor Mix – 1L

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Ready-mixed fuel (1:50) for all STIHL 2-stroke engines. Optimum performance, excellent cold start properties, maximum acceleration over the entire rpm range, perfect running characteristics even with a sudden rev change. With STIHL HP ultra premium oil for exceptional engine lubrication and extreme cleanliness, fully synthetic and biodegradable for for optimal performance and long service life. User friendly and engine friendly thanks to fewer emissions (free from ethanol; almost no olefins and aromatic compounds). Can be kept in storage for up to 5 years*. Reliable top performance – STIHL 2-stroke engines and STIHL MotoMix are made for each other; all conceivable applications have been put through rigorous testing.

*Appropriate storage conditions: in technically approved containers with an airtight seal. Store in dry, dark storage conditions where possible, at a room temperature of max. 20°c.

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