STIHL MH 445 Tiller

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Petrol-powered tiller designed for comfortable and easy use

A compact tiller with high manoeuvrability, suitable for working in confined areas. Designed with excellent operating comfort for tilling with minimal effort. Featuring a powerful Briggs & Stratton 550 Series EX OHV RS engine.

Features an anti-vibration system integrated into the handlebar mount which reduces the vibrations felt by the user, meaning you can operate the machine for an extended period with less effort required.

The blades have a specially designed shape that turns the soil over extremely efficiently with an optimised burrowing action. With simple throttle control for precise control when tilling.

  • Working width – 45cm
  • Drive – 1F
  • Tank volume – 0.8L
  • Displacement – 140cm³
  • Rated output – 2.2kW
  • Working speed – 3,100rpm
  • Net weight excluding fuels and lubricants – 36kg
  • Central handlebar adjustment 
  • Cleaning position
  • Worm gear

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STIHL MH 445 Tiller

The STIHL MH 445 Tiller is the perfect machine for working in smaller, confined areas due to its high level of manoeuvrability. As well as its compact design, this tiller has a balanced centre of gravity and a reverse gear making it nice and easy to change direction. No more faffing around trying to lift and reposition the tiller, simply change the gear instead and the work is carried out for you!

Fitted with specialist blades, the MH 445 breaks up the ground and mixes the soil with high levels of efficiency. Spread across a width of 45cm, the blades slice into the earth and can be easily adjusted to suit the ground conditions. They are specially designed to turn over soil effortlessly, with an optimised burrowing action too.

Easy To Control

The STIHL MH 445 Tiller contains an array of functions to make things a little bit easier for the user. Steering is made easy with the handlebar action, and the throttle is also within easy reach of the handles. So you can operate the tiller and steer all at the same time, allowing for precise control at all times.

As with the majority of the STIHL products, this tiller features an innovative anti-vibration system to reduce the risk of fatigue whilst operating the machine.

Cleaning a tiller has never been easier too, STIHL has manufactured the MH 445 in such a way that it has a ‘cleaning position’. Allowing for the blades to be safely and easily disassembled, cleaned and then assembled again afterwards

Dividable Hoe Set

The dividable hoe set within this tiller allows the operator to adjust the working width. This means that you can plant crops nice and closely together, allowing you to add more crops within a smaller surface area.

Complete with lateral disks, these hoes protect existing plants from sustaining damage whilst you are carrying out the tilling.

Swivelling Brake Spur

The STIHL MH 445 Tiller features an adjustable brake spur, so this can enter the soil at any depth you require.

The 180 degree swivelling spur means that the tiller is much easier to use in narrow passages than some of the larger models.

Incredibly Powerful Engine

No STIHL machine would be complete without an incredibly powerful engine, and the STIHL MH 445 is no exception to the rule.

Powered by a Briggs & Stratton engine that incorporates state-of-the-art OHV technology, this tiller is built to perform.

The engine even has overhead valves which ensure the mixture of petrol and air burns both cleanly and efficiently.

Additional information

Weight 36.9 kg
Dimensions 587 × 528 × 595 cm



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