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Professional Self-propelled Mulching Mower

The RM 4 RTP features a robust chassis and is built for excellent mulching results. Anti-vibration elements, skirt protectors, a powerful engine and crankshaft protection all feature on this professional model.

Mulching saves time and effort as the grass clippings do not have to be disposed of, returning valuable nutrients to the lawn.

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STIHL RM4 RTP Self-propelled Mower

Designed with both power and endurance in mind, the STIHL RM4 RTP Mower is the perfect mulching machine for the professional user. Complete with low vibration figures, central height adjustments and ergonomic controls, this mulching mower is designed with the professional market in mind. Featuring SmartChoke technology, the RM4 RTP Mower engine is nice and easy to start with minimal effort required in both the winter and summer months.

This mulching mower is the perfect machine for parks, orchards and roadside verges where you need something moveable and versatile to cut around tree trunks. It even comes with a 1-year professional warranty, or a 5 year extended domestic warranty for added peace of mind. This robust machine is designed to last and comes with large rubber wheels that have aluminium rims for added durability.


Effortless Mowing

The RM4 RTP Mower is part of STIHL’s self-propelled range, making tiring lawn mowing a thing of the past. The drive mechanism propels the mower without the need for a human to stand behind it and push. So for large lawns or areas of grass where there is an incline, this mulcher mower is the perfect solution. It even has a super soft grip handle for added comfort when using the mower for extended periods of time, and carrying handles for easy transportation.


Sturdy Cutting Deck

The steel cutting deck is made from torsion-resistant sheets of steel, making it incredibly hard-wearing and designed to last. This is housed within a high-strength, lightweight aluminium deck that is reinforced with both a sheet metal insert and a metal guard strip. All kept nice and secure with skirt protectors and crankshaft protection too.


Specialist Mulching Blade

The RM4 RTP Mower is made with a specially shaped mulching blade which enables the grass to be cut in different stages. Once cut, the grass is fed through to the housing where it is then shredded into fine particles. These can then fall back onto the turf, rather than having to be collected and then disposed of. Allowing vital nutrients to be absorbed back into the turf, so the clippings act as a fertiliser.



If you plan on using this mulching mower on particularly dense, uneven terrain you can also purchase a V-belt pulley separately. This enables a speed reduction of 0.5km/h so the mower is able to both cut and mulch at a slower pace. Ideal if you are trying to cut through lots of grass at a time!

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