Toro 20952 48cm Steel Deck Recycler Mower

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The Toro Recycler 20952 steel deck recycler is an excellent self-propelled petrol lawn mower.

Its Toro 159cc OHV engine, automatic drive and 48cm cutting width make it perfect for mowing lawns up to 500 square metres.

It comes packed with features;

Easy to Start

Toro’s 199cc OHV valve engine is easy to start. It features a recoil start as well as an electric key start. Both are easy to reach and operate.

Intelligent AutoMatic Drive System

The intelligent self-propelled automatic drive system automatically moves as fast as slow as you do. So despite weighing in at 39kg, it’s very easy to use and manoeuvre. It speeds up and slows down to match your walking pace without having to manually adjust the speed.

Easily Adjust the Cutting Height For Different Mowing Conditions

The Toro 21952 has a two point height adjustment which lets you choose from a range of cutting heights between 21 – 98mm. This means you can set the mower up for a range of mowing conditions.

When you raise the mower up to its highest setting, you can use it as a leaf collector and shredder.

Switching between collecting and recycling functions is easy with the flick of recycle on demand lever.

3 in 1 Cutting System

The Toro Recycle offer 3 methods of grass disposal;

  • Collection
  • Rear discharge, and
  • Recycling

Equipped with a large, 60 litre grass collector, reduces how often you’ll need to stop to empty it.

Rear discharge option is perfect for cutting long, thick, or wet grass. It discharges grass clippings from the rear of the mower and prevents the blade and underside of the cutting deck from clogging up.

Toro’s patented recycler cutting system is where the Toro really shines. It mulches grass clippings and leaves them on your lawn where they quickly decompose, returning the nutrients back into the turf. Not only is this good for the environment, it also saves time as you don’t need to empty the grass collector.

Comfort and Safety Built In

The height adjustable handle bar lets you find a comfortable mowing position for you height. It also feature an Operator Presence Control lever which is in easy reach of the handle bars. This is a safety feature which stops the mower as soon as you lever go of it.

Quick Storage

When you’re finished with the mower, you can easily fold the handle for easy storage.


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